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Wire Mesh WWR

Wire Mesh WWR

Wire Mesh (WWR) welded wire reinforcement


Welded wire reinforcement (WWR) is a prefabricated reinforcement consisting of parallel series of high-strength, cold-drawn or cold-rolled wire welded together in square or rectangular grids. Each wire intersection is electrically resistance-welded by a continuous automatic welder



Owens sells welded wire reinforcement products ("WWR") in both rolls and sheets. When   placed in concrete slabs on grade, WWR helps reinforce the concrete after cracking and is a critical element in its performance. The wide variety of wire sizes (W1.4 to W/D4) and spacings that are available make it possible to furnish accurate cross-sectional areas of steel required to reinforce   slabs. We stock WWR in several standard widths and lengths, which allows us to ship your orders upon receipt.Requests for epoxy-coated and hot-dipped galvanized WWR are easily accommodated.Our WWR products conform to ASTM A1064 (replaces A185 for smooth welded wire and A497 for deformed welded wire).


Some products due to their size and quantity may not be shippable via UPS.
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