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Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy Adhesive

High-Strength Epoxy Adhesive


Epoxy anchoring adhesive is a high-strength formula for anchoring and doweling in cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry applications. It is a two-part system with the resin and hardener being simultaneously dispensed and mixed through the mixing nozzle. When properly mixed, adhesive will be a uniform color for easy post-installation identification.


#1257 is a 100% solids non-sag gel viscosity epoxy specially formulated for use as general adhesive to provide the ultimate in adhesion to a variety of substrates.   #1257 will bond to concrete, wood, fiberglass and metal surfaces.   #1257 is moisture insensitive and resistant to most chemicals and solvents.  #1257 is also excellent as a  epoxy mortar grout for patching or filling large cavity anchoring holes. (Dual Dispensing Gun Required)

  • Dowel bar or threaded rod anchoring

  • Hollow block sleeve anchoring

  • Verticle or overhead application

  • Crack repair

  • Epoxy mortars or grouts

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