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Poly Film

Poly Film

Polyethelene (LDPE) film

vapor-barrior / retarder


The use of under slab vapor barriers have long been regarded as an effective, economical way to control moisture migration through concrete. The installation of a vapor barrier  beneath the concrete has been proven to reduce or eliminate issues that arise when moisture migrates into interior spaces, including the adverse effects such moisture has on floor covering and coating systems, as well as compromised indoor air quality due to the development of fungus, mildew and mold.

Simple Polyethylene film (LDPE) has limited flexibility. Polyethelenes copolymerized with a small amount of olefins  are more flexible than simple polyethylene. Polyolefin "means oil like" resins that do not crystallize or solidify easily and are  more puncture resistant than simple polyethylene.

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International Building Code (IBC)

There are three general classes based on their permeance and are defined in the International Building Code (IBC):

Class I vapor retarder 0.1 perm or less

Class II vapor retarder 1.0 perm or less and greater than 0.1 perm

Class III vapor retarder 10 perms or less and greater than 1.0 perm

Anything above 10 perms is defined as a vapor permeable membrane.

6mil Class IC simple polyethylene

ASTM E1745-11

Water Vapor Permeance requirements per ASTM E1745-11 call for a vapor retarder material to have a maximum permeance rating of 0.1 perms. However, as stated above, the American Concrete Institute’s ACI 302.2R-06, Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture Sensitive Flooring Materials, has suggested that use of materials having 0.01 perms or less in situations where extremely sensitive flooring materials require protection lower than the requirements stated in ASTM E1745 may be a good idea. In theory, a lower perm rating equals better protection against moisture; however, a low perm rating alone does not make an effective vapor retarder.

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