Prefabrication . . .

Mast Arm Cages

Mast arm cages

 For DOT projects Owens Supply supports accelerated project delivery. Prefabricated rebar cages are an economical way to make every day count by increasing productivity, quality & safety.

Light Pole Cages

Light pole cages

  These prefab rebar cages are commonly specified for parking lot and outdoor area lighting, street lighting, security camera poles, street signs and flag poles.   

Continuous Flight Auger Cages

Auger cast piles, continuous flight auger piles, displacement piles

  The speed and economy of these pile cages   reduces the mobilization time/cost required to reinforce drilled shafts.  

Transmission Cages

Transmission cell tower cages

 By ordering a prefabricated rebar cage from Owens Supply, you won’t need space on the job for rebar lay-down or cage assembly. Owens will deliver the cage to your site ready to be tripped in place. 

Duct Bank Cages


 Duct Bank Cages for underground electrical and telecommunications services are prefabricated and delivered to your job site ready to set into place.

Signage Cages

Dot sign cages every day counts

 Our cages are assembled using the best practices of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) adding crush rings and stabilizer bars 100% tied and  or welded. 

Concrete Forming

Steel Ply Forms

Steel ply concrete forming sales, rent and reply service

cages Steel-Ply Engineered, reusable, factory-built concrete forming system is designed for maximum versatility and can be used to form virtually any concrete structure. 

Plywood Job built

Sticks and boards jahn clamp system gates system rapidform system job built forms

 Conventional form work is used when your project is small or requires inexpensive custom, expendable, form work usually lasts around five to ten uses if treated correctly. 

One Use Form

Sonotube column forms paper tube forms one use form sonoco

 Contractors around the world rely on this Inexpensive time-saver. Paper concrete form tubes are a one use form for pouring concrete columns, light poles, mast arms signage. posts, and piers 

'Whistle tube' (CMP)

Corrugated metal pipe cmp whistle tube

CMP is used in a variety of applications such as culvert, small bridges, caissons and foundation structures.  When there is a demanding deadline CMP is the answer.

Steel Column form

Steel column forms purchase and rental

 Steel Column forms develop an exceptionally smooth, hard surface remarkably free of voids and with a minimum number of seams.  galvanized constant radius steel half round sections bolted into units for crane handling on the jo . 

Plastic Column form

Plastic column forms

 Plastic Forms are used for forming round columns and are commonly used for making  light pole bases. These light weight forms can be assembled by one person and are easy to strip. Stack able and reusable, plastic column forms are cost effective, waterproof, u.v. resistant and will not rust.  

Steel Products

Fabricated Rebar

Epoxy rebar fabricated stock bar prefabricated rebar cages prc

  Estimating, detailing & fabricating.  Whether a addition or a new project, we have the experience, manpower, and equipment to take on complex fabrication 

Rebar Stock

Rebar stock, fabricated , detailed, delivered, prefab rebar cages, weldmatt sheets, welded elements of all kinds...challenge us...we welcome the challenge

Nationwide Drop shipping A615, A706, A775 in #3 - #11 x 20’, 30’, 40’ & 60' length certified Made in America 

Rebar Couplers

Rebar couplers

 Rebar splicing  Bars are inserted and the screws shear off at a specified torque.  In stock for over night shipping. 


Steel shapes a36 flats angles round tubes pipes bollards channels

 Merchant Bar Quality bars are produced to specific sizes with appropriate control of the chemical limits or mechanical properties for non-critical uses.  

Pipes & Bollards

Pipe bollards schedule pipe 10 40 60 80

 Bollards control traffic. Temporary or permanent. light weight  to close off streets, entrances or wide expanses such as access to pedestrian areas or even airport runways. For Maximum protection K4 rated.

Welded Wire Mesh

WWF welded wire reinforcing wire mesh rolls sheets plain epoxy galvanized

 Welded wire reinforcement is used for  walls and tilt up, and roadway fabric. Custom projects like bending, fabrication, epoxy and galvanized coating are also available. 


Vapor Barrier & Waterproofing

Ployfilm polyethelene film, visqueen, polyolafin, vapor barrier, stretch film, shrink film

 Economical way to control moisture migration through concrete. Proven to reduce or eliminate issues that arise when moisture migrates into interior spaces, including the adverse effects such moisture has on floor covering and coating systems.

Chemicals & Admixtures something good for your or existing densifier will improve concrete making it harder denser and stronger lasting longer

 Owens Supply offers a line of, or-equal, private labeled chemicals. We have a fully trained and knowledgeable staff that offers excellent technical support. 

Anchoring & Fastening

High strength anchor bolts utilities refineries industry f1554 grade 55

Used to connect structural and non-structural elements to the concrete. The connection is made by an assembling of different components such as: anchor bolts, washers, nuts, plates, stiffeners. 

Drainage & Geotextiles

Filter fabric geo textiles woven upon woven

 Drainage and geo textiles are delivered on the same trailer directly to your job site,Owens offers its customers unparalleled availability, service and support.  

Foundation Supplies

Basement window systems bowman Kemp irc2000 compliant window wells grates ladders inserts

 We provide superior construction products & to our foundation customers. We buy and sell quality products at minimum cost, and thus providing maximum profits for our customers. 

Construction Joints

Pavement dowels dowel baskets load transfer epoxy dowels dowel caps

  Differential movement at joints can be both lateral and transverse. Construction Joints  are  determined by interruptions in the placement of concrete. Contraction - Expansion - Isolation - Load Transfer 

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